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Ten Years of the album "Eiffel65" - Una notte o forse mai più

Una Notte E Forse Mai Più was the 4th single extracted from Eiffel 65's self-titled album, later in 2003.

The song was entirely composed by Maury and he shares his story of the song's creation:

"Una notte e forse mai più" is one of those songs that I wrote and composed in one night. I had two initial inputs in mind: the title and the melody of the piano intro that was inspired by a song by The Police (guess which one ;) ). I had never written lyrics in Italian before this album so it was like being at school: I studied languages, metrics, contents of all the Italian artists that I considered interesting.
I had decided that I wouldn’t write any traditional love song, I thought it was trivial and obvious. But then the title "una notte e forse mai più" made me think of one thing: they all wrote about the great love... the poetic, eternal one, but I didn’t remember a song dedicated to the smaller love... the passion, the one that may only last for a night but still be unforgettable.
The amazing thing about this song is that when it came out it was a "medium" success, not one of our greatest, but today in our live shows it's one of the best moments for the crowd. There are songs that need more time to really succeed. "

Note that these statements were obtained exclusively for the 10th anniversary of Eiffel 65's third album, so stay tuned for more interesting facts and stories!

Ten Years of the album "Eiffel65" - Quelli che non hanno età

Let's continue our journey to the past.
In March 2003, Quelli Che Non Hanno Età was the song that brought Eiffel 65 to the Sanremo Festival, an important song contest in Italy.

Maury: "We’ve felt like we were aliens in an unknown world. Obviously we knew what Sanremo has always meant for the Italian people but I didn't feel like being at home, musically speaking at least. Anyway it was unforgettable as well and we were really proud to represent the dance music on that stage."

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Ten Years of the album "Eiffel65"

Ten years ago, on May 30th 2003, Eiffel 65's self-titled third album came out in Italy.

We want to celebrate this anniversary together with you, so starting today we will share some interesting facts and stories about the album with you.
Let's begin with Viaggia Insieme A Me, the first track and and the third extracted single from the album.

Maury: "I'm really bound to Viaggia Insieme A Me, I wrote it one year prior to my son's birth..." -
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Eiffel65 on Dj Mag

Iron man 3 400

Dj Mag Italy writes about Blue Da Ba Dee and its inclusion in Marvel's Iron Man 3.
Thank you to the journalist Riccardo Sada and all the magazine staff.

Read the whole article HERE

7 May, 2013: Worldwide charts. Blue Da Ba Dee in the top 100

7 May, 2013 - News of the Day: Blue Da Ba Dee in worldwide charts..

USA, France, Canada, Turkey, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Japan, Australia, Slovakia, Germany, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina...Once Again, Blue Da Ba Dee is all over the world!
And... do you grab your copy? You can find it on the usal digital stores

#11- USA




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