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Eiffel 65 @ Orsa Maggiore - 31/05/18

Summer is close and we're going to start partying all week long!

Next thursday, May 31, we will be @ Orsa Maggiore in Lecco for their weekly event "Giovedì Orsa Maggiore".


19+ Event

Admission fees:

  • Before 00.00: 10€ Women / 13€ Men (one drink included)
  • After 00.00: 15€ Men and Women (one drink included)
  • University Student Discount: 15€ + 2 drinks included!!!

And if all these free drinks get you too excited, don't forget there is a FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE from the city centre: 338.5264560

For information and bookings check: https://bit.ly/2IHWGc9

Eiffel 65 @ Absolute Disco Club - 26/05/18

We can't wait to be in Tione di Trento next week!

Come meet us @ Absolute Disco Club on Saturday 26 May and get ready to dance all night!!


Presale: 15€ + drink
On the Spot: 20€ + drink

Buy your presale from:
Agnese Corradi (Chiese) 345 6000228
Mattia Marocchi (Stenico / Ponte Arche / Bleggio) 347 5644317
Tommaso Terzi (Val Rendena) 342 8420682
Felipe Bagozzi (Tione / Trento) 346 014048
Ilaria Bartoli (Ville del Monte / Tenno)
347 6563804
Nicolas 333 6285535 (VAL di Sole)
Stefano Fedrizzi (Tione) 339 8320741
Movida Bar Aperitivi (Pietramurata) 3392188924
Centrale Cafè (Arco) 0461512061
Absolute Disco Club 3384051829

Eiffel 65 and the "Humans of Naples"!

During a concert in Naples, a few years ago, we had a chat with our friends of La gente di Napoli - Humans of Naples about our relationship with their beautiful city, sharing experiences and opinions gathered during many trips to Campania.


You can find our story, along with many others, in the book "La Gente di Napoli - Humans of Naples" available here http://bit.ly/lagentedinapoli and on the main online shops.

Read here the interview in English!

We've been to Naples many times, it is interesting to see how we used to be welcomed then and what happens today, because many years have passed since we last came here. The people's attitude is wonderful, the Neapolitan public is sensitive and smart. However, when I think about Naples, the first thing that comes to mind is that we've been led for many years by two tour managers who are from Scampia. They are a strange case because they are Neapolitans who grew up in Scampia and also in the North because they were marshals of the air force until they met us, then we started a musical partnership together. They never lost their Neapolitan spirit, it is something that belongs to Neapolitans, it is their intrinsic way of speaking and thinking. Despite what you see on television, like in the tv show "Gomorrah" and other stuff that you've already heard and seen a million times, we are used to destroying a lot of these stereotypes once we are on the spot! For example how "in that place you can only eat certain things" and "there people are mean". However, there are some typical features that you can always recognize in a city. Considering the everyday life we lead with our two managers, we can say they are very generous and really, really hard-working! We absolutely don't agree with the stereotype about Neapolitans being lazy (Jeffrey: "Actually Sicilians, like me, are lazy. With a sombrero and all...!) Willy and Beppe really do work hard, they are professional and meticulous. Thanks to their great work this year we have basically doubled our dates. Anyway, it is always great to play in front of a public, whether it is from Turin or Finland, that doesn't really make a difference on the stage. If you feel good and people react well, you'll always feel great! Although usually, when you work in extremely professional and technical environments, there could be a lack of the "human factor". To put it into romantic words, people don't always "think with their heart". That is not the case with our two partners and with the people we know. There is the professional side, with the hard work and the goals to reach, but you can always feel their hearts, too. What can we say, we feel so good! We are led by Neapolitans and it's great. One last thing: Naples is a city that loves music and melody, which is perfect for us. Writing music, we are able to join our melodies to the energy of dance music and the result is always an amazing concert!

Source: https://bit.ly/2k5ZGjW

Eiffel 65 @ Campus Industry - Parma 19/05 - M'ama 90!

Eiffel 65 will be performing @ Campus Industry Music in Parma on 19 May!


Get your presale here:

- CiaoTickets https://goo.gl/KxDeYR
- TicketOne https://goo.gl/w8h5sJ

And check the event  for more information!

Eiffel 65 @ Area 14 - 05/05/18 - Castelvetrano (TP)

Sicily, are you ready to "Dance All Night"?

See you this Saturday, 5 May @ Area 14 in Castelvetrano (Trapani) for an amazing night together!


Book your entry and get a discount!
♀ WOMEN 10€ 
♂ MEN 10€

or buy your ticket at the venue for 13€

(One bottle for every 4 people) for up to 16 guests per table
♂ MEN 35€
♀ WOMEN 35€

Bottle table for every 6 people
(Champagne MUMM or spirits + soft drinks with fruit, or 2 bottles of Prosecco)
♂ MEN 25€
♀ WOMEN 25€

For Info and reservations:
392 29 29 329 Cosimo Rizzuto (anche whataspp)
327 94 69 911 Martino Mantia
389 543 4470 Massimiliano Patti

Don't feel like driving? Book your seat on one of the buses from Menfi or Sciacca for 10€ and check the Facebook event for any other possible solution!




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